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About Jill Hayes

  Jill with Abby, Remi, Cruzer, Babe and Jolly

Jill Hayes is Jill Hayes Photography, Inc.  She is the president, founder, principle photographer, and creative director.    Jill's husband,  John Stuart,  often assists Jill on location.

Jill and John live in Tavernier, Florida in the beautiful Florida Keys with their three Border Collies, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi,  a Yellow Lab  and three cats.    John works for the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative .  When time allows, they enjoy agility, boating, fishing and diving.


Cruzer, Babe, Rembrandt, Abra k'Dabra, and Jollymon

Office/Fax: 305-852-DOGS (852-3647)  Cell: 305-321-1458 (Miami)
Jill Hayes Photography, Inc.
Island Dog Photography & Productions
Located in the Beautiful Florida Keys