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Private Portrait Session

It's all about comfort and convenience.

The fully mobile photo studio will come to your home or favorite location.  Your pets will be less stressed and more relaxed in the comfort of their own familiar environment.  This allows Jill to capture their true natural spirit and personality. 

Location ideas include your boat, garden, living room, beach, or local park.  Jill will also bring an array of back drops and props or she can  use your favorites.  Plan to allow approximately 2 hours for the photo session. 

Do not be concerned that your pet will not sit still.  Jill has worked with countless 'wiggly' animal companions and always seems to magically capture the  memory-making moments you'll cherish for years to come.

Grooming is good but if it puts your pet in a frightened or bad mood consider doing it a day or two ahead.  The lights make your pet shine so same-day grooming is not necessary.

Images of pets with their people are encouraged so dress accordingly.  Go casual, elegant, or anywhere in between. Solid  but contrasting colors are recommended, i.e. if your pet is all black do not wear black or your pet will be lost against your clothing.   Be creative and have fun!

Initially Jill will develop a rapport with your pet.  Then we will decide on the best backgrounds or action activities for the photos.    

After the photos have been taken your pet can go about their regular routine while you view the images on a high resolution monitor.  You will choose your favorites and the finished prints or CD-Rom will be delivered to your door in approximately four weeks.

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