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Studio on Location

Jill travels to pet stores, groomers or veterinary clinics near you.   Book your session directly at any of these locations.   Click on Calendar to see where she'll be next! 

The mobile studio will include an array of backdrops and seasonal props.  You'll schedule a 45 minute session where we'll take a variety of poses of your animal companions with and without their humans. 

 Images of pets with their people are encouraged so dress accordingly.  Go casual, elegant, or any where in between.  Solid but contrasting colors are recommended, i.e. if your pet is all black do not wear black or your pet will be lost against your clothing.   Be creative and have fun!


After the photos have been taken, you will view the images on a high resolution monitor.  You'll select your favorites, choose and pay for your package,  and the finished prints or CD-Rom will be delivered to your door in approximately four weeks.


Office/Fax: 305-852-DOGS (852-3647)  Cell: 305-321-1458 (Miami)
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